quinta-feira, 18 de junho de 2009

In this seminary, I’ll talk about my rabbit, Vanessa.
In April 2007, I and a friend of mine from school, Renata, went downtown for a walk and to buy things because there everything is cheaper.
We didn’t found anything interesting to buy and when we were leaving, we passed on a street that had a man selling rabbits. There were rabbits of all types and sizes. They were all stacked in boxes, about 10 in each box, under an absurd heat! And they were all so quiet that, for a moment, I thought that main of them were dead!
We stopped to look a little bit at those beautiful animals and soon the man came to show his goods... Showing the bigger ones (for slaughter) and the smaller ones for creation.
He came up with a puppy that was just born, apparently newly weaned, very small and quiet.
I felt a crazy desire to take her home and take care of her, but at the same time I thought about my parents - who hate taking care of animals - strangling me because I was lending a pet home.
I hesitated for a moment, but soon I realized that I could not leave without taking that baby with me. I paid immediately and then quickly left, before I regret doing that.
Vanessa was in a very small box, with holes for ventilation and a cotton swab dipped in water that I got there to refresh her a little, because it was very hot.
When we got home, I arrived saying "moooom, surprise!" And showed her the rabbit. My mother, of course, wrinkles the forehead and said "ok, you brought a rabbit to die here? This animal is almost dead!".. And I said I would take care of her and then she would live!
So I got some leaves of lettuce and a saucer of water and gave her ..
Soon after the first nibble on lettuce, Vanessa gave her firsts jumps, showing for my mother she would live and become a member of the family! In the beginning, my parents were a little mad at me, but soon they were loving my baby as I do.
Nowadays, Vanessa weighs approximately 4.5 kilograms! She is so huge that seems more to be a pig, than to be a rabbit.
She is more than just a pet, she is a company, she listen to me, she is lovely with me, she is almost a girlfriend! Hahaha, That’s why I can’t call her by “it”. She is not an animal like any other, she is our baby.

3 comentários:

  1. Fofo.
    Eu só não gostei de vc ter posto o nome da coelha de Vanessa. Não q ache que Vanessa seja nome de gente. Mas eh que é tão feio... HAUAUAHUAHUAHUAHUHAUHAUHAUHA
    Mas eu gostei.

  2. que liiinda a história *-* nossa, se eu trago um animal pra casa assim minha mãe bota na rua enquanto eu durmo, principalmente um coelho ou algo com pelos o.o

  3. Aaaah que bonitinho, legal que ela ti da cabeçada ne?! Hahaha